30th los Premios Goya / Goya Awards: nominations

This morning the Academia de las Artes y las Ciencias Cinematográficas de España announced the nominations for los Premios Goya (the Goya Awards).

The nominations for Best Makeup and/or Hairstyling / Mejor maquillaje y/o peluquería are:
La novia
Esther Guillem & Pilar Guillem
Ma ma
Fito Dellibarda, Ana Lozano & Massimo Gattabrusi
Nadie quiere la noche
Sylvie Imbert, Pablo Perona & Paco Rodríguez H.
Palmeras en la nieve
Karmele Soler, Pedro de Diego, Alicia López & Manolo García.

The nominations for Best Special Effects / Mejor Efectos Especiales are:
Lluís Rivera & Lluís Castells
El desconocido
Pau Costa & Isidro Jiménez
Mi gran noche
Juan R. Molina & Curro Muñoz
Tiempo sin aire
Reyes Abades & Curro Muñoz.

The winners will be announced on 06 February 2016.

Note: I will add the names of the nominees and a link to the full list of nominations as soon as these are published Names of nominees & link to full listing of nominations now added.

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